Here we go again

We sincerely hope you have been enjoying our new video for Ode to Drunk Romeos.  We do hope you have popped by our youtube page and given us a hearty thumbs up!  For this we thank you.

Ode to Drunk

Asylum Seekers

We are a flamboyant bunch.  We try to offer a visual as well as an aural feast at our shows.  What we lack in boyish good looks, we (over) compensate with wardrobes that reflect our personas in vivid detail.  We…

Return to The Mill

We were so glad to be invited back to The Music Mill in Plumstead.  A great venue full of wonderful music lovers.  I would ramble on about the show but The Riddler summed it all up so brilliantly in his…

Hootananny Brixton Review

Our return to Stranger than Paradise at the Hootananny Brixton was most enjoyable.  Amanda, the hostess with the mostess was her usual charming self and put together a top notch evening of musical mayhem.  We opened the batting with our…

Cogs Bar Birmingham Cancelled

Sorry to inform you but the show at Cogs Bar on July 25th in Birmingham has been cancelled.  This is due to circumstances beyond our control and not the fault of alcohol at all.  We hope to rebook at this…

Filthy rewards for the faithful!

Loyalty impresses the officers of the good ship Spectacula. So does showing your support for the Filthy Crew on your sleeve and LISTENING WHEN WE'RE TALKING TO YOU!! ... er, listening when we're talking to you. 

So we're going…


Lord Harold Speaks! Click Here!

Our own Lord Harold, beloved drummist and booze aficionado speaks about our debut album, Thrup'ny Upright, available May 28th.

A cheeky peek preview

Hey mister!

Looking for a shore to your seas of stupidity? Need a pickup after finding your friends are all in fact absinthe, you can't crow over murder and you're as far from home as the Flying Dutchman? Still reeling…


News - BIG NEWS!
Our debut album is almost finished!!!
Soon my friends you can own our 13 track cd entitled THRUP'NY UPRIGHT
It will be available from our online store, CD Baby or directly from our merch stall…

Cast a glim ahead

Lock up your daughters, your drinks cabinets and your heirlooms ... The Filthy crew will be back in 2016, and more insidious and troublesome than ever! 

January will see the foundations being laid of an even more imposing permanent…